Haven`t you gone Responsive yet?


This is the right time to ask:

Haven’t you gone Respoonsive yet?

As most of you already know everybody is setting up their websites prior to Google’s April 21 Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update. At this time most businesses with poor mobile experience on their websites might be getting a bit concerned.
The clock is ticking down for companies, most of them small business that might be thinking this is not a big deal, but Google says it will have a “significant” impact in page rank. To set in place a mobile friendly website that looks great and works seamlessly on both desktops and mobile devices can take a little bit longer than a month; but the 21st April is getting closer and closed.
Google recently launched the campaign #MobileMadness aiming to incentive the adoption of mobile friendly websites. This campaign is educating developers and business owners with online presence to implement practices in order to do well in page rank when the new mobile Google´s algorithm kicks in. This new algorithm will affect mobile search results worldwide in all languages.
Look for more about Google`s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update with the hastag #mobilefriendly
Does your site pass the Mobile-Friendly Test? Take it here!
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